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The history of the Clarisas Capuchinas Sacramentarias began with St. Clare of Assisi in 1212 when she, inspired by the words and life of St. Francis of Assisi, decided to live the Gospel in poverty, in fraternity, and in enclosed contemplation.

The historical family tree would go back to the first Capuchinesses founded by Maria Lorenza Longo in Naples in 1538. In the course of time, this foundation spread over Europe – Italy, France, Spain, and then South America.

The Mexican Foundation began with a community of the Capuchin Poor Clares from Toledo, Spain. Who in 1665, built the first convent in San Felipe de Jesus in Mexico City. The next hundred years of this community of Poor Clares experienced the birth of a new community that is now called the “CLARISAS CAPUCHINAS SACRAMENTARIAS”.

shine a light

Our friends the Ruiz family, Manuel, Josephina, and sons Manuel Jr and Jose introduced us to the sisters of Capuchinas in La Gloria Tijuana Mexico 5 years ago. Manuel told us of the day he and Josephina met a priest who had been threatened by local gangs in ...,The first attack almost killed him and the sisters nursed him back to life. Manuel met thge priest who confided that if he should die he wanted Manuel to deliver whatever small sum of money he had and give it to the sisters. Soon after this the gang murdered this incredible priest on alonely highway. Manuel and Josephina kept their promise and delivered the money to the sisters in La Gloria Tijuana.

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